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1. Choose three or more of your OCs.
2. Answer the questions.

OCs chosen:

1. Daniel
2. Jin
3. Cosette

(To give Jin and Daniel an illusion of safetey, Cosette is in a steel cage)

1. Ahh yes! Welcome to the interview! Would you first like to introduce yourself?
Daniel:  I'm Daniel.
Jin:  (waving slightly) Jin.
Cosette: (smiling) Hello.

2. So, are you acquainted with any of our other participants?
Daniel: Jin and I have met, but, I really don't know who the girl is.
Jin: Yes.
Cosette: (smiling) I've played with Jin before.

3. Let’s start with the basic questions. How old are you?
Daniel: I'm....19.
Jin: Three...maybe four thousand years old.
Cosette: I don't know. Would you like to play?

4. Height and weight?
-I'm skipping this queston because I hate it-

5. Sexual orientation?
Daniel: Straight at a board.
Jin: I'm straight, but generally uninterested.
Cosette: (giggling) I'll play with boys or girls.

6. IQ?
Daniel: I'm pretty smart.
Jin: Smarter than you. (mumbling under his breath) I didn't invite a vampire and...that child here for an interview.

7. Bra size?
Daniel: (laughing) I'm 100% male.
Jin: I don't wear one, thank you.
Cosette: I've never had one. (giggling) I'll never need one.

8. Let’s cut the boring questions. Firstly, how many weapons are currently on your person?
Daniel: I've got a knife, but I used that more as a tool, not a weapon. But, Ruby's just ouside, waiting for me.
Jin: I am a weapon.
Cosette: (giggling) Jetta's my favorite.

9. Are you wanted for any crimes?
Daniel: No, but I'm not too popular with the townsfolk.
Jin: (smiling evily) I take care of those who commit crimes.

10. And the age old ‘Are you a virgin?’
Daniel: No.
Jin: No.
Cosette: Virgin?

11. Do you ever fantasize about same-sex relations?
Daniel: (snorting) No, no thank you.
Jin: That's disgusting.
Cosette: I just like to play.

12. Lovely. So, what is your favorite curse word?
 Daniel: Shit. Yeah, Shit would be it. Hah! I just rhymed.
Jin: There are so much better words out there to use instead of curses.
Cosette: I don't curse much. Mother doesn't like it. Jetta used to, and then Mother taught her a lesson. (smiling)

13. When was the last time you threw up?
Jin: Not since I was human
Daniel: When I landed in Eldemere. The ride was...jarring. (shudders)
Cosette: I never have. Jetta does when she eats to fast, or tries to eat bones. Bones are a no-no for Jetta.

14. Have any mental illnesses?
Daniel: No, I haven't noticed anything that would lead me to think that.
Jin: No. I've felt I've been losing my mind from time to time though.
Cosette: No.

15. What is your biggest phobia?
Daniel: Something happening to my dragons.
Jin: That something may happen to Sophie. I don't trust Dalen.
Cosette: (giggling) I'm not scared of anything.

16. Do you cross-dress often?
Daniel: (laughing) No, not once!
Jin: I may have at some point in my life. It's hard to remember everything that has happened in my life.
Cosette: No, I only wear my dress. It's such a cute dress.

17. Have any addictions?
Daniel: Hmmm.... No.
Jin: I suppose you could consider blood to be an addiction, since I don't really...need it to survive.
Cosette: I just like to play. I'll play with everyone.

18. What is the closest you have ever been to dying? Or have you ever died?
Daniel: I fell off of Ruby's back once.
Jin: I can't die, but the closest I guess would be fighting with Jetta.... Or went Atlantis sank.
Cosette: I can't die. (smiles)

19. Have the men in white coats ever taken you away?
Daniel: Hahaha, no.
Jin: I don't understand your question.
Cosette: I have seen men dressed in white... They didn't like to play with me.

20. Are the men in white coats after you?
Daniel: No, no.
Jin: You understand what they're asking?
Daniel: Yeah, and it's not a big deal. It' s ajoke.

21. Do you snore?
Daniel: I don't think so. No one's ever told me that I do.
Jin: I haven't slept in over three thousand years.
Cosette: ...I don't sleep. I play with Jetta.

22. Are you drooling right now?
Jin and Daniel: (looking at each other) No...

23. Let’s say that this room was about to explode, and you could save one other person in here. Who would you choose?
Daniel: Uh...I don't think Jin would be hurt, but I'd save Jin. That...girl is creeping me out.
Jin: Daniel. Cosette can rot here.
Cosette: (smiling) I don't save anyone.

24. When was the last time you used the toilet?
Daniel: Uh, right before the interview. Why?
Jin: Again, not in over three thousand years.
Cosette: Mother says we shouldn't talk about that.

25. Have you ever kissed a girl?
Jin: (smiling, looking off into the distance) Yes...
Daniel: (nodding) Yep.
Cosette: Only Jetta.
Jin: (looking at Cosette , absolutely horrified) Somone would kiss that?!

26. Did you like it?
Daniel and Jin: Of course!
Cosette: Jetta had been a good girl.

27. The little voices in your head. Do you talk to them?
Cosette: Of course I talk to Mother.
(Jin and Daniel stare at Cosette, matching looks of terror on their faces)

28. Were you made fun of in school? Why?
Danie: No. But, when I had classes in spellwork with my siblings.... That didn't go so well. I just never had as much luck with spells. But, I have my dragons now, so it's all right.
Jin: ....I can't remember that part of my life.
Cosette: No one makes fun of me. Ever.

29. I can’t think of a question to ask you. Have any comments?
Jin: You're a poor interviewer.
Daniel: That was a bit rude...
Cosette: (looking at Jin and Daniel)  May I play with them now?

30. This interview has ended? Are you gleeful? Or would you like to complete our 100 question survey over thumbtacks?
Jin and Daniel: (both standing) We'll leave now.
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