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Three will love you so much, but do me a favor baby; don't reply....

Oh, I'm quitting school for now.

Choose ten characters.

1. Arazrael
2. Todin
3. Dalen
4. Noda
5. Sophie
6. Daniel
7. Dai
8. Heidi
9. Ila
10. Bathl

1. Four invites three and eight to dinner at their house. What happens? ( Noda, Dalen and Heidi)
Dalen wouldn't be so big on the dinner; he'd get a weird vibe from Noda. Heidi would flirt endlessly with Noda until Noda eventually (out of desperation to get her to stop) tells her that he's gay. Dalen would promptly kill Noda. Heidi and I would mourn until the end of time. 

2. Nine tries to get five to go to a strip club. Describe what happens? (Ila and Sophie)
Ila: Apparently, I wish to go to a strip club. Would you accompany me?
Sophie: .... No thank you. 

3. You need to stay at a friend's house one night. Who do you choose, one or six? (Arazrael or Daniel)
ARAZRAEL. I would get to sleep out on his balcony and stargaze with him and it would be so much fun. If I stayed with Daniel, I'd be staying in a cave.

4.Two and seven are making out, ten walks in. What is their reaction? (Todin and Dai, Bathl)
Bathl would quietly walk away, happy that Todin finally found a girl he likes, even though Bathl would be sure that Dai is a succubi.

5. Three falls in love with six, eight is jealous. What happens? (Dalen and Daniel, Heidi)
Heidi would be INSANELY jealous. She might try to seduce Daniel in a desperate attempt to keep him from Dalen. Daniel would be more than happy with this.

6. Four jumps you in a dark hallway. Who comes to your rescue; two, ten or seven? (Noda; Todin, Bathl or Dai)
Noda would need to be rescued from me. Dai would come, but not to Noda's rescue. She'd come to flirt with me, most likely. Of try to get a gift from Noda as I squeeze him to death out of love.

7. One decides to start a cooking show. Fifteen minutes later, what is happening? (Arazrael)
He set the entire building on fire while showing the world how to make ice. Police still aren't sure how that happened.

8. Three has to marry either eight, four or nine. Who do they choose? (Dalen; Heidi, Noda or Ila)
He'd run away, far away. Look at his choices: a highly peppy girl that he hates, a GAY guy that he'd most likely hate or his father. Dalen would rather die.

9. Seven kidnaps two and demands something of five for two's release. What do they demand? (Dai, Todin; Sophie)
"I'll give him back if you go on a date with me!" 

10. Everyone gangs up on three; does three have a chance in hell? (Dalen)
Oh yes. Everyone best watch THEIR back..

11. Everyone is invited to two and ten's wedding except for eight. How does eight react? (Todin and Bathl; Heidi)
She'd cry for hours.  

12. Why is six afraid of seven? (Daniel, Dai)
Because she keeps trying to get all the gold that Ruby stole, and he's sure Ruby is going to flip a shit.

13. One arrives late to two and ten's wedding. Why were they late, and what happened? (Arazrael, Todin and Bathl)
He was brushing his hair.

14. Five and nine get roaring drunk and end up at your house. What happens? (Sophie and Ila)
Sophie would pass out on the couch, and Ila would kick me out of my bed and sleep there. If I argue, he might slit my throat.

15. Nine murders two's best friend. How does two get even? (Ila and Todin)
Todin wouldn't seek revenge. He'd stay in his room for weeks, sulking. He just respects his brother too much to seek revenge. 

16. Six and one are in mortal danger, and only one can survive. Does six save themself or one? (Daniel and Arazrael)
Arazrael is so dead. Daniel would leave him in a heartbeat; he'd be haunted by the choice for the rest of his life, but he would not regret it much.

17. Eight and three go camping. For some reason, they forgot to bring any food. What do they do? (Dalen and Heidi)
Heidi would complain about being hungry for the longest time until Dalen threatens to cook and eat her. Then, once she shuts up, he'd go hunting and come back with rabbits or something.


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