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What's the matter with you?


Choose Ten of your OCs. If you don't have ten OCs then use the little voices in your head. (that always seems to work for me)

2. Arazael
3. Bathl
4. Daniel
5. Todin
6. Noda
7. Bartholomew
8. Borgan
9. Jin

1.) So....4 (Daniel) 9(Jin), and 3(Bathl) are all eating a radioactive pie. Do they say anything about its radioactivity?
Jin would warn them about it’s radioactivity. Bathl would try a slice anyway and- waddaya now, he gains control of his powers.

2.) 7(Bartholomew) decides to take up line dancing. Does this end well?
No. His family fears for his sanity, and have had him committed.

3.) If 6(Noda) and 1 (Cosette) are on Mars playing checkers, then where are 5(Todin) and 9(Jin)?
If Noda and Cosette are on Mars playing checkers, then Todin and Jin are waltzing on Saturn’s rings. 

4.) 10(Oreon) becomes gay/lesbian!!!! what does 6(Noda) say?
"You too?" 

5.) If 4(Daniel), 3(Bathl), and 6(Noda) were to jump off of a waterfall, would any of them survive?

Sure, assuming there’s no rocks at the bottom.

6.) After Jumping off of the waterfall, would 6(Noda) be stupid enough to do it again?
No, he wouldn’t enjoy it.

7.) If x = 7+3 then what must X equal? (Barholomew + Bathl) 
Family love!

8.) You are falling from 8,952 feet in the air. You can either land on, and kill, 3(Bathl) or 5(Todin). Who do you choose?
Worst question ever. Ummmm… Bathl. Todin’s too sweet to die.

9.) If 4(Daniel) was to open up a lemonade stand and then get sued for selling toxic lemonade, what would they do?
Deny it all.

10.) 7(Bartholomew) and 1(Cosette) are getting married! The catch? 7(Bartholomew) is already married to 3(Bathl) and 1(Cosette) is already married to 8(Borgan)!!! What does 5(Todin) do?
Flees the scene, and severs all ties he ever had with Borgan. He doesn’t know who or what Cosette is, but he knows he doesn’t like her.

11.) Is 5(Todin) hot?
He's a cutie.

12.) If 10(Oreon) was to get mauled by a rabid hippopotamus on steroids, what would 3(Bathl) do?
Nothing; he knows Oreon can’t die. 

13.) If 3(Bathl) was to get mauled by a rabid hippopotamus on steroids, what would 10(Oreon) do?
Nothing; he never interferes with anything.

14.) Now lets say that they were both mauled by said hippopotamus. What would they do?
Oreon would eventually kill the hipp to get away; Bathl would die.

15.) Now lets say that the hippopatumus remarked that 10(Oreon) tasted like mustard. What would 3(Bathl) say?

16.) If 7(Bartholomew) was sat on by a rabid hippopatumus, would 1(Cosette) laugh?
No. She’d giggle.

17.) Everyone throws 5(Todin) a surprise birthday party. The suprise? It's not 5's(Todin's) birthday. What happens?
He’d let them know it wasn’t his birthday, but would thank them all anyway.

18.) 4(Daniel) becomes a rabid hippopotamus and begins to chew up 3(Bathl). Does 3(Bathl) survive?
If Dalen was there to save him.

19.) 7(Bartholomew) challenges 2 (Arazrael) to a wood-eating contest. Why?
Bartholomew doesn’t believe that Arazrael is as gullible as everyone says he is. So he challenged Arazrael, saying that it’s a normal, human custom.

20.) 6(Noda) decides to become a homicidal, bisexual, taxi cab driver in Michigan. How many people does (s)he manage to kill before 10(Oreon) stops him/her?
Oh. Poor Noda.


Oreon would never stop him.

21.) If 5(Todin) suddenly gained a third eye that allowed them to see into the future, what would 8(Borgan) do?
Awwww, poor, poor Todin. Borgan would use Todin, and use his eye to his advantage, to become more powerful.

22.) 2(Arazrael) kills 1(Cosette) for no apparent reason. 3(Bathl) goes into spiraling depression because of this. How does 6(Todin) comfort 3(Bathl)?
Todin calmly reminds Bathl that it’s good that Cosette is dead, because she’s pure evil. Bathl cheers up immensely at this; however, both forget that she’s the only thing that controls Jetta, and now Jetta is running around loose with nothing to stop her. She kills them both.

23.) Everybody transforms into rabid hippopotamuses except for 7(Bartholomew). Does 7(Bartholomew) feel lucky or left out?
He probably turned them all into hippos (Bathl and Todin accidentally, of course).

24.) 8(Borgan) confesses their love to 3(Bathl). What does 3(Bathl) do?
Panics, and tries to think of an excuse to leave the prince.

25.) 1(Cosette), 2(Arazrael), 3(Bathl) and 4(Daniel) all decide to start a band. 1(Cosette) wants to name it "The rabid Hippopotamuses". 2(Arazrael) wants to name it "The artichokes". 3(Bathl) wants to name it "The rolling stones" and 4(Daniel) couldn't care less about the name. What do they do to resolve this?
The band will be named as Cosette wants it, as she will be the only member, after Bathl and Daniel flee, and after she kills Arazrael.

26.) 8(Borgan) and 9(Jin) switch bodies. Describe what happens:

Jin, in Borgan’s body, would quickly kill himself, and happily be dead. Borgan would hate being a vampire. Hate it.

27.) 4(Daniel) walks into their new school to find that all the students are zombies. What do they do?
Flee the school and fly away on Ruby.

28.) If 5(Todin), 7(Bartholomew) and 9(Jin) were to fight 1(Cosette), 3(Bathl) and 4(Daniel), which side would win?


Everyone (except for Bathl) can fight in this (if Daniel uses his dragons that way). Cosette, Bathl and Daniel would win though, but it would be a great battle, omg.

29.) 5(Todin) expresses his desire to be a frog when he grows up to 10(Oreon). They then make-out. 2(Arazrael), whom is in love with 5(Todin), walks in on this. What happens?
Arazrael would be confused and start asking many questions.

30.) 3(Bathl) is being held captive by Tarzan and his rabid hippopotamus army. What do 4(Daniel) and 7(Bartholomew) do to rescue him/her?
Aw, they actually would try to save him because they both like Bathl. Daniel would fly them in on Ruby, and then Bartholomew would hex Tarzan and the hippos to death..

31.) 6 (Noda) betrays 7 (Bartholomew) causing 7(Bartholomew) to commit suicide. 8 (Borgan), whom was in love with 7(Bartholomew), set out to kill 6 (Noda). 4 (Daniel) tried to convince him other wise. Meanwhile, 2 (Arazrael) is plotting to steal the earths cheese supply. What happens?
I kill myself.

32.) The quiz is over. What does everyone have to say?

Nothing, they're all so happy it's over that they've fled the scene.

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