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Name seven of your characters/muses.
2. Noda
3. Arazrael
4. Todin
5. Bartholomew
6. Melody
7. Bathl

What do you do with them?
Write stories about them, except for Noda. I role play with him.

Do you feel close to them?
To most of them, excluding Melody and Bartholomew.

Do you believe they're real?
No. I’m not a retard.

Are any of them dating each other?
…None. But most have significant others.

Have any of them ever been killed?
I think Bartholomew dies. I don’t know for sure. I haven’t worked that out yet.

Have you drawn them?
Of course. They’re so cuddly.


About number one:
Jin is a vampire, and he thoroughly enjoys being one, though he would like to die at some point in his life (which will never happen). He’s a little snobby, and very self-righteous.

What do they do for a living?
Kills the wicked and proud.

What do they dress like?
Black pants, black boots, loose white shirt. Very simple; surprisingly enough, Jin dresses modestly. This’ll probably change in another five hundred years or so. He goes through spurts of vanity.

Who is their best friend?
No one.

How would they respond to abuse?
He’d kill them.

Do they have any nicknames?
No; Jin is short enough.

Are they seeing anyone? Married?
No, but he’s platonically infatuated with Sophie.

What species are they?

Do they eat meat?
No, just blood.

What kind of accent do they have?
He picks up accents of the area, so as to blend in easier.


About number two:
He’s an 18 year old high school drop out on his way to being a successful tattoo artist.

What's their middle name?
I ‘unno. Kyo.

How old are they?

What's their favorite hobby?
Drawing; lots and lots of drawing.

What's their sexuality?
The straightest gay man you’ll ever meet.

Any special powers?
Nope. He’s a regular guy; stays out of trouble. A regular guy, says ma’am on the double.

What religion are they?

Do they get ridiculed?
Not really. One of the tattoo artists at the shop he’s apprenticing at picks on him a little, but not too badly.

What species are they?

Who are their friends?
Mayu and Mari! Though, there are probably others that just aren’t ever going to be talked about.

Have they ever wanted to kill someone?


About number three:
Arazrael is a star on earth, there to gain experience as a human. He comes across, visually, as a very stoic man, very formal, but in reality, he’s like a kid learning about everything. He asks lots and lots of questions.

What color is their hair?
Blonde and long.

What is their ethnicity?
Uh...Star? But he looks Arian.

What is their favorite food?
Fruit. He’s obsessed with it.

Do they have a nice singing voice?
As a human? Hell no, and it causes him such heartache. But, as a star, he has a beautiful voice.

Have they ever hurt someone?
Not purposely.

Are they a virgin?

Are they single?
Nope; he’s very much in love with his wife.


About number four:
Todin, my widdle baby boy. He’s a demon, a member of the royal family, and the youngest of eight boys. He has no chance of ever becoming king, and he is more than happy about that. He doesn’t have the strongest self confidence, since he grew up being picked on by most of his brothers, but he has a kind heart and I adore him. Too bad he’s mentioned only a few times in both stories concerning his family.

Are they male or female?
He’s a dude.

What is their favorite color?
Orange, or green.

Who is their worst enemy?
He doesn’t really have a worst enemy. He doesn’t get along with his second oldest brother very well, but since he’s no threat to Borgan, Borgan pays him no mind.

What sort of clothes do they wear?

I don’t feel like getting into this question.

Where are they from?

The palace of Rhye.

Are they in a relationship?
I haven’t planned that much around him. But he probably marries at some point.

What would they do if they were held at gunpoint?
Not understand what a gun is, and stupidly get shot. Poor Todin.


Number five:
Bartholomew is a Jhen and works as a bodyguard in the palace of Rhye. He’s a tight-ass.

Are they magic in any way?
Oh yes. Jhen are the very definition of magic.

What religion are they?

Do they have any kids?
Yesh, Bathl! Cuddly little Bathl!

Has anyone close to them ever died?
Prince Ila. They were a strange sort of buddies…kinda.

If they were an animal, what would they be?
A cougar.

What sort of TV programs do they like?
He doesn’t know what television is, but he’d probably like the Discovery Channel.

What is their fondest memory?
When he first knew he was in love with his wife, and when he found out he had a son.


Number six:
Melody, a mermaid who is completely self absorbed. She’s really not a good character and I hate Ashawee for choosing her.

What number would represent them?
0, for how many brain cells she has. I really hate her.

Where are they from?
The ocean, since she’s a mermaid.

Do they consider themselves pretty?
OH YES. She really does, she finds herself to be very, very, very, very pretty.

How often do they sleep?

Do they daydream?
Of finding her prince. –facepalm-

What is their sexuality?
Straight. God help the man she falls in love with.

Do they have any hobbies?
Finding a hubby.


Number seven:
Ickle Bathl-kins! He’s Bartholomew’s son, and a Jhen, but not a very good one. However, he’s Gifted in that he can understand all languages, so it…doesn’t really make up for the fact that he has difficulty casting the simplest of spells.

Do they like being outdoors?
Yep; he loves bright sunshine.

What's their personality like?
Sooopah laid back. Almost nothing fazes him. He has a good sense of duty though, somehow, and is somewhat proper.

Do they hate anyone?
Borgan. And James Forrest.

Do they have a crush? Who?
Emily, the elf who travels with him. She pretends she doesn’t like him.

Are they intelligent?
You wouldn’t guess it, but he is.

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