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Pick 13 of your OCS:

2. Noda
3. Daniel
4. Bathl
5. Jin
6. Cosette
7. Anet
8. Oreon
9. Peter
10. Todin
11. Rachel
12. Bartholomew
13. Selena

1. Are 1 (Arazrael) and 2 (Noda) sweethearts? If not, should they be?
No and no. Arazrael is not gay, and Noda would never ever be able to handle Arazrael.

2. 2 (Noda) and 3 (Daniel) are playing Mortal Kombat—who's kicking whose butt?
Noda, surprisingly. Noda doesn't seem like it, but he's really good at video games.

3. 3 (Daniel) and 4 (Bathl) share a bed. Do they fight over who gets which side?

4. 5 (Jin) has ice cream. Would 4 (Bathl) steal it?
Jin would give his ice cream away gladly.

5. How drunk would 5 (Jin) have to be to have sex with 6 (Cosette)?
Supposing Jin could actually consume something other than blood, and Cosette wasn't as psychotic as she normally is, he'd have to be drunk at a level that would kill most people to even consider the idea, let alone going through with it.

6. 6 (Jin) finds naughty photos of 7 (Anet). Could s/he successfully blackmail 7 with them?
No. Anet wouldn't care, and Jin wouldn't really want to blackmail her.

7. If 7(Anet) walked into his/her room to find 8 (Oreon) nude on his/her bed, what would happen?
She'd start throwing every offensive spell his way, trying to get rid of him.

8. 8 (Oreon) won the lottery! How much would s/he share with 9 (Peter)?
All of it; Oreon has no need for money..

9. Does 9 (Peter) know 10's (Todin) super secret kink?

10. Whose sugar high is wilder—10 (Todin) or 11 (Rachel)?
Neither of them really... get sugar highs.

11. Who's more likely to sing the Oscar Mayer wiener song—11 (Rachel) or 12 (Bartholomew)?
...Rachel? But...again, neither, really.

12. There's something 12's (Bartholomew) been meaning to tell 13 (Selena). What is it?
That he'd never dreamed of being alive when she came around (though, technically, as far as storylines go, Bartholomew will never ever meet Selena).

13. If 13 (Selena) were to kiss 1 (Arazrael) —passionately—how would 1(Arazrael) react?
He'd be horrified that his daughter woudl kiss him in such a way, and go find Rachel to see if this is a normal human thing.

14. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Who does this define best—4 (Bathl) or 9 (Peter)?
Bathl. Emily will never settle down the way he wants to.

15. Who's more of an animal in bed—5 (Jin) or 12 (Bartholomew)?
Barty, because Jin...doesn't have sex. Ever.

16. 7 (Anet) went for a walk. Is s/he going to meet 3 (Daniel) or 10 (Todin)?
Daniel, to see how things are going with the dragons and Heidi. Also, because she doesn't know Todin.

17. 6 (Cosette) is found face down in a pool of blood. What happened?
Oh, if only she were dead. No, she's merely pretending, in a game.

18. Is 11 (Rachel) capable of hiding in plain sight?
Yeah. She's kind of..plain and generally unnoticable.

19. 13 (Selena) binds 2 (Noda) with a length of rope. Could 2 (Noda) escape?
I think so. Selena wouldn't really put a lot of time into it.

20. If 8 (Oreon) and 11 (Rachel) went on a date, how would it end?
With Oreon letting her know that he's a vampire, and Rachel running as fast as she can away.

21. Does 2 (Noda) make 12 (Bartholomew) happy in his/her pants?
Absolutely not.

22. You go skydiving with 3 (Daniel) and 6 (Cosette). What happens?
Daniel and I die before we even get on the plane.

23. Pillow fight! Who just decked you—1 (Arazrael) or 9 (Peter)?
Myself, because I'd be the only one participating in it.

24. 7 (Anet) and 13 (Selena) go horseback riding.
No, they don't, because Selena would never go anywhere alone with a Jhen.

25. If 10 (Todin) got a hold of pink fluffy handcuffs, would s/he be more likely to use them on 4 (Bathl) or 5 (Jin)?
On some GIRL he finds instead.

26. Who's more likely to win in a Guitar Hero rockout, 7 (Anet) or 2 (Noda)?
Noda, since he actually knows how to work video games.

27. You're having a potluck, and it's 11's (Rachel) job to bring dessert. What do they bring? Is it home-made?
Home-made blueberry pie. And it'll be delicious.

28. 5(Jin), 6 (Cosette) and 7 (Anet) go to a movie have and epic battle.. What do they see, who pays, and where do they sit? Who survives? (question edited to a more plausible question)
Jin and Cosette survive. Anet, though she fought bravely, dies.

29. Hey, it's time for the faire, and 3 (Daniel) wants to go! Who's more likely to get roped into going with them, 9 (Peter) or 10 (Todin)?
Peter, though Peter would be highly uninterested.

30: 4 (Bathl) and 8 (Oreon) have become a new cult fandom classic. Write a paragraph from one of the fanfictions about them, along with its title.
I'm not doing this, but safe to say, it'd probably some poorly written yaoi.

31. 5 (Jin) and 6 (Cosette) decide to eat lunch together. Where do they go, and who orders what? 
They fight epicly instead. 

32. 9 (Peter) and 2 (Noda) are in the library, when 13 (Selena) comes in and starts causing a scene. How they do they react, and why is 13 (Selena) so upset?
Selena...wouldn't cause a scene. Ever. Even when Arazrael left, she was just kind of...mopey. Not bawling or anything. So, this can't happen.

33. 1 (Arazrael) and 12 (Bartholomew) have just decided never to speak to each other again. Why might that be?
They've never spoken to each other ONCE, and never wil.

34. How does 4 (Bathl) start their day?
Asking where breakfast is.

35. 8 (Oreon) and 9 (Peter) are having a very heated debate in a lingerie store. What are they aruging about, and who eventually wins?
Whether it is absolutely indecent for women to wear this, or just mostly indecent. Neither win.
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