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And a meme. Of course.

Name 12 of your original characters.

I. Dalen
II. Arazrael
III. Noda
IV. Daniel
V. Cosette
VI. Sophie
VII. Emily
VIII. Bathl
IX. Ila
X. Todin
XI. Selena
XII. Bartholomew

I. I (Dalen), VI (Sophie), and XI (Selena) are all told to wait in a room together until someone comes in to get them. Let's say no one does. Who would leave the room first?

Dalen. He'd get very impatient, and grab Sophie as he went. Selena would probably stay, happy to be alone to work on her quilt.

II. If II (Arazrael) had to do one nice thing for VIII (Bathl), what would it be?

Arazrael would do almost anything. He's very eager to do all sorts of things, though he might go about it the wrong way. He'd probably try to take Bathl on an adventure of some sort, something very fun, but very fast paced. And Bathl would enjoy himself, even though he'd probably prefer to just sit and daydream all day.

III. If IV (Daniel) and VII (Emily) co-starred in a movie, what genre would it most likely fall under?

Action/fantasy, some sort of epic tale.

IX. If III (Noda) was made into a toy, who would be more likely to buy it? IX (Ila) or X (Todin)?

Todin, merely because Ila would never own a toy. Todin probably wouldn't either, he's just more likely to.

V. Would V (Cosette) be likely to consider stalking XII (Bartholomew) or vise versa?

Ooooh, this is a tough question because it works either way. Bartholomew could stalk Cosette to try and destroy her, but Cosette would also stalk Bartholomew to 'play' with him.

VI. What would VI (Sophie) make the better star of? An anime or a newspaper comic strip?

Anime, I guess. She wouldn't make a good star of either, really.

.VII. VIII (Bathl) wants to buy a car but can't decide who offers a better bargain. Should (s)he buy from II (Arazrael) or XI (Selena)?

Arazrael, because he doesn't know how to gyp someone out of a deal. But, Selena would never gyp someone either.

VIII. If V (Cosette) wanted to dye his or her hair but could not decide on the color, would (s)he rely on I's (Dalen) opinion or IV's (Daniel)?

This question is just too absurd to answer.

IX. Whose babies would be cuter? XII (Bathl) and III's (Noda) or IX (Ila) and II's (Arazrael)? (If it is impossible for them to breed because of gender or species, just go with it and pretend that it was possible, please.)

Bathl and Noda's. Bathl and Noda are much more adorable than Ila and Arazrael.

X. Who would have a DeviantArt account; and if not, what would their reason be?
Noda. He actually creates art.

And least likely would be Cosette because she...just would never.  


Choose Ten of your OCs. If you don't have ten OCs then use the little voices in your head. (that always seems to work for me)

1. Bartholomew
2. Todin
4. Anet
6. Ruby
9. Rachel
10. Jin

1.) so....4 (Anet) 9(Rachel), and 3(Arazrael) are all eating a radioactive pie. Do they say anything about it's radioactivity?
 Uhhh.... Arazrael wouldn't notice. He would happily eat all he could get his hands on. Rachel would be a little weirded out by it, and wouldn't touch it. After Arazrael finished the entire pie, Anet would let him know that the pie wasn't exactly something good to eat; hearing the news, Arazrael would just shrug it off as another normal human experience to eat radioactive pie.

2.) 7(Noda) decides to take up line dancing. Does this end well?
No. Noda has two left feet.

3.) If 6(Ruby) and 1 (Bartholomew) are on Mars playing checkers, then where are 5(Bathl) and 9(Rachel)?
Bathl and Rachel would be wondering what the fuck was going on for Bathl's dad to travel to another planet to play checkers with a dragon. 

4.) 10(Jin) becomes gay/lesbian!!!! what does 6(Ruby) say?

5.) If 4(Anet), 3(Arazrael), and 6(Ruby) were to jump off of a waterfall, would any of them survive?

Anet and Ruby, definately; Anet can swim, and Ruby can just fly off. I don't know if Arazrael knows how to swim, nor do I think he knows how to land with a belly-flop.

6.) After Jumping off of the waterfall, would 6(Ruby) be stupid enough to do it again?
Condsidering she can fly away unharmed, sure.

7.) If x = 7+3 then what must X equal? (Arazrael + Noda) 
Noda slamming his head against a wall due to Arazrael's endless questions.

8.) You are falling from 8,952 feet in the air. You can either land on, and kill, 3(Arazrael) or 5(Bathl). Who do you choose?
Arazrael. If Arazrael dies, he'll just return to the sky. Bathl, on the other hand, would die and that would be so sad.

9.) If 4(Anet) was to open up a lemonade stand and then get sued for selling toxic lemonade, what would they do?
Cast a spell so that no one would remember they had bought lemonade from her. Then, she'd wonder what went wrong with her lemonade recipe.

10.) 7(Noda) and 1(Bartholomew) are getting married! The catch? 7(Noda) is already married to 3(Arazrael) and 1(Bartholomew) is already married to 8(Heidi)!!! What does 5(Bathl) do?
He would lose all faith he ever had in his father, for not only cheating on his mother with an unusually peppy girl, but that he was cheating on his mother and the peppy girl with a GUY who is married to another guy.
....He may be so unable to take the news, he might try to kil himself. :(

11.) Is 5(Bathl) hot?
He's a cutie.

12.) If 10(Jin) was to get mauled by a rabid hippopatumus on steroids, what would 3(Arazrael) do?
Watch in fascination. 

13.) If 3(Arazrael) was to get mauled by a rabid hippopatumus on steroids, what would 10(Jin) do?
Jin wouldn't know what to do. He'd know that Arazrael isn't a human, nor is he any other kind of creature he'd come upon, so he wouldn't be sure if he would need to help him (since, it's clear that Arazrael is entirley good- almost as good as Sophie). In his hesitation, Arazrael would die.

14.) Now lets say that they were both mauled by said hippopatumus. What would they do?
Jin would kill the hippopatumus, and then be tempted to kill Arazrael afterwards, as Arazrael would hound him with dozens of questions afterwards.

15.) Now lets say that the hippopatumus remarked that 10(Jin) tasted like mustard. What would 3(Arazrael) say?
Arazrael would ask it what mustard tastes like.

16.) If 7(Noda) was sat on by a rabid hippopatumus, would 1(Bartholomew) laugh?
...He might, actually. But only because Noda is human.

17.) Everyone throws 5(Bathl) a surprise birthday party. The suprise? It's not 5's(Bathl's) birthday. What happens?
Bathl wouldn't correct them at all, and would graciously accept all gifts and cake.

18.) 4(Anet) becomes a rabid hippopatumus and begins to chew up 3(Arazrael). Does 3(Arazrael) survive?

19.) 7(Noda) challenges 2 (Todin) to a wood-eating contest. Why?
Because he's scared of Todin, and wants to hurt him in a completely obscure way?

20.) 6(Ruby) decides to become a homicidal, bisexual, taxi cab driver in Michigan. How many people does (s)he manage to kill before 10(Jin) stops him/her?
....A dragon becomes a cab driver in Michigan. A dragon.
Jin doesn't stop her. He gave up on Earth about two hundred years ago.

21.) If 5(Bathl) suddenly gained a third eye that allowed them to see into the future, what would 8(Heidi) do?
She would want to know if Daniel was ever going to propose, and where, and when.
Mostly so she could figure out exactly what to wear.

22.) 2(Todin) kills 1(Bartholomew) for no apparent reason. 3(Arazrael) goes into spiraling depression because of this. How does 6(Ruby) comfort 3(Arazrael)?
I have lost all faith in this meme.

Ruby would offer Arazrael a tiny piece of gold..

23.) Everybody transforms into rabid hippopotamuses except for 7(Noda). Does 7(Noda) feel lucky or left out?
Noda feels extremely lucky.

24.) 8(Heidi) confesses their love to 3(Arazrael). What does 3(Arazrael) do?
He would be generally confused about the idea of love, and would accidently lead her on.

25.) 1(Bartholomew), 2(Todin), 3(Arazrael) and 4(Anet) all decide to start a band. 1(Barty) wants to name it "The rabid Hippopatumuses". 2(Todin) wants to name it "The artichokes". 3(Arazrael) wants to name it "The rolling stones" and 4(Anet) couldn't care less about the name. What do they do to resolve this?
Bartholomew would make sure everyone agrees to name it what Todin wants, since he is royalty. Arazrael would then sulk for maybe a minute before shrugging it off.

26.) 8(Heidi) and 9(Rachel) switch bodies. Describe what happens:
Heidi would sob for hours because she isn't pretty anymore, and Rachel would just happily go about things as though nothing happened.

27.) 4(Anet) walks into their new school to find that all the students are zombies. What do they do?
Destroys them all.

28.) If 5(Bathl), 7(Noda) and 9(Rachel) were to fight 1(Batholomew), 3(Arazrael) and 4(Anet), which side would win?
Oh god. Bathl's team would lose by a long shot. NONE can fight well, whereas Barty's team has two good fighters (and one enthusiastic star).

29.) 5(Bathl) expresses his desire to be a frog when he grows up to 10(Jin). They then make-out. 2(Todin), whom is in love with 5(Bathl), walks in on this. What happens?
The world explodes.

30.) 3(Arazrael) is being held captive by Tarzan and his rabid hippopatumus army. What do 4(Anet) and 7(Noda) do to rescue him/her?
Nothing. I believe both would prefer to leave Arazrael with Tarzan.

31.) 6 Ruby) betrays 7 (Noda) causing 7(Noda) to commit suicide. 8 (Heidi), whom was in love with 7(Noda), set out to kill 6. 4 (Anet) tried to convince him other wise. Meanwhile, 2 (Todin) is plotting to steal the earths cheese supply. What happens?
I kill myself.

32.) The quiz is over. What does everyone have to say?
Nothing, they're all so happy it's over that they've fled the scene.

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