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We were strangers starting out...

Wow, for once it's a real journal entry- shocking, I know. But, I had an extremely event filled weekend.

Katie flew down from Erie Satruday night, which was awesome, because I miss her so much. She was the best roommate I'd ever had and is one of my best friends, my wifey.

After she got here, we promptly went out for sushi, and I introduced her to the crispy dragon roll, which she loved. Afterwards, we went to the wine and liquor store; I got a bottle of raspberry vodka, and she bought a bottle of wine that she swore I'd like. It was called Diablo, I think, or something to do with 'diablo.'

Upon returning to the dorms, we drank a bit, planning to get a little buzzed before heading out to some bars. Things didn't exactly go to plan. We both got drunk off our asses, and couldn't decide where we were going, or rather, we couldn't remember what it was. I think we changed plans every half hour or so simply because we couldn't remember what it was that we had wanted to do. We headed out in search of the Yaffa Cafe eventually, and never found it. We ended up at a diner where I ordered kalamari; it wasn't too good there.

We slept in on Sunday, and then set off again for Yaffa; it's Katie's favorite place to eat in the city, so it was something we had to do. We found it, and wandered around St. Marks for a while before heading to Yaffa to eat dinner. Both of us were feeling the after effects of the alcohol all day, so we called it an early night and headed back to Pratt. However, as we left Yaffa, it began to snow. It finally snowed here! I was so happy! Katie wasn't though; Edinboro gets an obscene amount of snow and she was a little sick of it. Oh well; I enjoyed it.

Monday I was supposed to have classes but they were cancled due to snow, which was awesome. Katie would've gone exploring on her own, but now we could go together! We didn't leave the dorms until mid-afternoon, and went in search of the MOMA; however, because of our late start, we didn't reach it until a half hour before it closed. So, we decided to go into a nearby Disney store. On our way to the Disney store, we both ended up wading through an ankle-deep puddle. I don't know how we managed it, but somehow, we did. Thankfully, it was warm in the store, and my toes-ies warmed right up again. We had originally planned to go out that night to a bar, but the weather was just so miserable, that neither of us really wanted to, so again, we retired early.

Tuesday was the day we'd been waiting for. It was sunny out, perfect for Katie to take photos (she's a photography major) and we got out earlier than any other day. It was such a great day. First we went to a photography store in the city that Katie had wanted to check out, and then we went over to central park to take pictures. It was so beautiful, with the snow. We stayed there for about two hours before heading to FAO Schwartz so Katie could experience all the splendor of the toy store. After that, we returned to the dorms so I could shower while Katie looked up places to eat; she wanted Thai or Polish cuisine; I didn't care where we went, as I was practically broke and wouldn't be eating.

Katie decided on a Thai restaurant in St. Marks called Klong, so we headed over there. It was such a nice place; I would go again. The food was reasonably priced, as were the drinks (during happy hour), and it was delicious (I helped myself to some of Katie's meal). We stayed there until...oh, 11 pm before going to a karaoke bar. And that's when things got weird.

Though we'd had a few drinks at dinner, neither of us felt confident enough to sing. So we just kind of stood on the side, singing along quietly. Then The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang came on, and we went nuts dancing because we love that song. Then this guy came up to us and invited us to a private room; we went because he looked so much like Kumar from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle that we were sure it was him. It wasn't. There were a bunch of men in there in business attire, and a few girls as well; they all looked like they'd come to the bar directly after work. One guy was really into the song, and...I don't know why, but they all were excited that Katie and I were there. We weren't acting crazy, or wearing anythign to reveal anything, so I was just generally confused. Anyway, the guy was really into the song, and he had a jacket on; he took it off and threw it at me. I wasn't prepared for it at all, and it hit my bear, causing it to splash all over me. It made me laugh so hard, though, that that had happened.

Then, Like A Prayer came on, and one guy- the boss, apparently- had some other guy sing, and sit between Katie and I. After a moment, the boss came over again, and put the the guy's arms around both of us, and then his legs on ours. We decided then to leave.

More happened, that I will probably continue on with in another entry. Just not now.
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