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1. choose a few of your own characters.
2. make them answer the following questions.
3. feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
(Or I could do a sort of talk-show-type dialogue. Which I will do. Because I feel like it.)


Who/what are you?
Daniel: I am a Gifted Jhen, in that I can control dragons.
Arazrael: I'm a star.
Bartholomew: I am a Jhen, the best of the best bodyguards you could ever hope for.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Daniel: Two of each. I'm the middle child.
Arazrael: All the stars in the sky.
Bartholomew: No.

How old are you?
Daniel: Nineteen.
Arazrael: I couldn't ever tell you.
Bartholomew: Forty-eight.

Are you a virgin?
Daniel: Oh,
Arazrael: No, and I must say, the experience was fantastic.
Bartholomew: No.

What's your favorite food?
Daniel: Cheeseburgers. I haven't had one in years.
Arazrael: Fruit, any kind. They're just so flavorful!
Bartholomew: I enjoy a thin slice of pork on a chunk of bread.

Have you killed anyone before?
Daniel: No, oh, I couldn't ever do that.
Arazrael: No. Should I? Is that something I must experience?
Bartholomew: Yes. From time to time it is necessary.

Do you hate anyone?
Daniel: There are a few people I'm not a fan of, but I wouldn't say I hate them.
Arazrael: I greatly dislike Lady Bernier.
Bartholomew: No. But there are those I distrust.

Have any secrets?
Daniel: I don't like to tell everyone about my dragons.
Arazrael: I can't let anyone know I'm a star. But, I did tell Rachel, and Selena of course will know.
Bartholomew: I learn many secrets about the royal family.

What do you do to relax?
Daniel: Spend time with Heidi, or go flying.
Arazrael: I stare at the skies.
Bartholomew: I don't. I am always working.

There's a person who's teasing you, what could you do?
Daniel: Ignore it, until it becomes too much. Then I punch them.
Arazrael: Listen.
Bartholomew: No one would dare to tease me.

Let says you have a person you really care about but she/he doesn't know about your feelings. How do you tell him/her?
Daniel: I would...somehow do it....
Arazrael: Why wouldn't I tell someone I are about them?
Bartholomew: My wife knows I care for her.

What kind of powers do you have?
Daniel: My Jhen powers are there, but they don't work very well. However, I have all dragons under my control. It's really nice.
Arazrael: No.
Bartholomew: I'm a Jhen; of course I do.


Which character of yours would be most likely to...
Jump off a bridge?:
Todin, if his brothers teased him until he did.
Get drunk and pass out?: Arazrael, only because he wouldn't know that alcohol can get him drunk.
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way?: Bartholomew.
Be far too hyper for their own good?: Heidi. She IS too hyper for her own good.
Be raped?: Sophie. She almost was.
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions?: Dalen.
Get lung cancer?: No one.
Star in a horror movie?: Cosette, as the demon child.
Star in a whore movie?: ...Melody?
Star in a video game?: Any; they all could star in a different sort of video game. But the best game would be centered around Ila.
Make the world a better place?: Ila, had he lived longer.
Have a torrid gay love affair?: Bathl?

Relate each word to a character of yours:
Love: Melody
Hate: Mother
Money: Arazrael
Seduction: Emily
Lies: Borgan
Tragedy: Ellie
Manipulation: Borgan
Violence: Jin
Politics: Ila
Fire: Daniel
Ice: Oreon

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