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I can't sleep, so I do memes.

1.) Do you have any original characters? If so, then how many? Name them.
I will be an asshole and name all of them (or at least, all that have names).
1- Dalen
3- Bathl
4- Emily
5- Ila
6- Ellie
7- Bartholomew
8- Borgan
9- Todin
10- Cosette
11- Jetta
12- Mother
13- Daniel
14- Ruby
15- Heidi
16- Oreon
17- Jin
18- Arazrael
19- Rachel
20- Selena
21- Lady Bernier
22- Anet
23- Noda
24- Melody
25- Peter

2.) Who's your favorite?
Dalen! And Arazrael.

3.) Who's your least favorite?
Sophie or Lady Bernier

4.) Which one makes the best leader?

5.) Which one shouldn't lead but tries to anyway?
Daniel, sometimes.

6.) Who has the most confidence?
Dalen, Arazrael or Jin

7.) Who has the least confidence?
Noda or Todin. Oh, Todin.

8.) Who has the most interesting back story?
Arazrael or Jin and Oreon

9.) Who is more associated with the "Deadly Sin" of Vanity?
Lady Bernier or Melody

10.) Envy?

11.) Wrath?
Cosette, Jetta or Jin

12.) Greed?
Lady Bernier or Ruby

13.) Gluttony?

14.) Sloth?

15.) Lust?
Sophie or Arazrael

16.) Would you date any of your original characters?
Daniel, maybe.

17.) Who has the most obsessive personality?

18.) If a building were on fire, who would be the first to jump in and save the trapped kitten on the third floor?
Not Dalen, surprisingly. Ila or Bartholomew.

19.) Who is the most liberal?

20.) Who is the most conservative?
Dalen or Heidi and Andy

21.) Who is most likely to take the last piece of cake and blame it on the dog?

22.) Who is more likely to get drunk off their ass?

23.) Who is more likely to betray their friends?
Lady Bernier

24.) Who is most loyal?

25.) Who is the most tech-savvy?
Uhhh... Daniel?

26.) Who is more creative?
27.) Which two of your OCs would most likely fall in love with each other?
Dalen/Sophie, Ellie/Ila, Bathl/Emily, Arazrael/Rachel, Melody/Peter, Daniel/Heidi

28.) Are any of your characters mentally insane?, but the closest would be Cosette and Jetta, and, depending on where in the story we are, Andy.

29.) Which one probably likes to pop the heads off of Barbie dolls?
Daniel or Emily

30.) And finally, which one reminds you of yourself?


1- For starters, pick (at least) three OCs to work with. You'll be using those three for the rest of the meme so choose carefully! Now, introduce them.

Let's shake things up. I'm not going to use Bathl, Dalen or Ila for this one. Or Sophie. Or pretty much anyone I use too much.
- Rachel:
She was a poor maid until she met Arazrael and fell in love with him. Kinda like Cinderella.
- Selena: Daughter of Rachel and Arazrael. Is supposedly 'the Pheonix'- a figure important to Jhen and elves.
- Arazrael: A star, living on earth. He's awshum.

2- What kind of childhood did your OCs have?
Not much of one, I must say. My mother was poor, and deeply in dept.
Selena: My childhood, before I turned six, was pleasant, I suppose. After that, word spread about me, and I couldn't go outside without being fawned by Jhen and elves alike.
Arazrael: Wonderful. There is nothing like being a star, the wondrous feelings that can only be felt in the heavens, the glorious music; oh, to sing like that once more....

3- What do your OCs do for a living?
I used to work for a lady as a maid, but now I don't need to.
Selena: I do not work. I do not like leaving the house.
Arazrael: My job, currently, is to live as a human, to better understand such a life.

4- Who or what do your OCs love/hate?
...Arazrael. I love Arazrael. I hate...very little.
Selena: I love my mother and father. I hate that father had to leave.
Arazrael: There is little not to love, but my greatest love are my wife and daughter. Nothing has taught me more about being human than the two of them.

5- How do your OCs relax?
Rachel: Cuddling with Arazrael under the stars.
Selena: I knit, and sew.
Arazrael: Staring at the sky.

6- Do your OCs have goals? What do they dream about accomplishing/doing?
To raise Selena as best as I can amidst the chaos.
To finish my quilt before I leave.
Arazrael: To live as a human.

7- Have your OCs ever committed any serious crimes?
Of course not.
Selena: No.
Arazrael: No, nothing serious. A few small crimes, to better understand, though.

8- Your OCs are listening to music. What songs are they listening to?
Rachel: Piano, something soft.
Selena: I do not listen to music.
Arazrael: I listen to the music I remember, from the stars. I can no longer hear them sing, so I must sit quietly, and remember it. 

9. What animals would best represent your OCs?
Oh, I don't know. A rabbit, maybe? 
Selena: A cat. 
Arazrael: A swan. 

10- Your OCs find a million dollars on the street one day. What do they do with the money?
I don't know for sure; save it? I don't very well need it anymore.
Selena: Donate it to charity. I don't care for money; it's not as though I will be around long. 
Arazrael: Spend some on Rachel and Selena, and save the rest. 

11- Your OCs are stuck babysitting a whiny baby/kid. What will they do about it?
Bribe them to calm down. Selena was never a fussy child; I was spoiled with her. 
Find mother, and give the child to her.
Arazrael: I'd find it all to be very curious.

12- If your OCs were suddenly turned into the opposite sex, how would they react?
It would be alarming, and frightening, I think. 
Selena: I would be relieved. The 'Pheonix' cannot be a man.
Arazrael: I would assume it was time for another type of experience to learn from. 

13- What would your OCs do for a Klondike bar?
A dance? 
Selena: Nothing, you'll be wasting your time.
Arazrael: Is this something necessary to beinghuman?
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