suesuemagoo (suesuemagoo) wrote,

1. Noda
2. Daniel
3. Ila
4. Dalen
5. Borgan
6. Bartholomew
7. Bathl
9. Andy
10. Jin.

1. What would #8 say to you if he/she became real?
"Hey-hey, could you, um, maybe go back and edit things and warn Ila that Borgan's going to try and kill him? I don't think it was good to kill him; I mean, I like him, he's really a great brother, and Borgan is possibly the worst king ever. I, uh, I don't think it's good to choose between brothers, but...I'd really like to have Ila back."

2. What does #7 do for fun?
Star-gazing or getting on Dalen's nerves.

3. What is #4's life-long dream?
To ditch the soldiers that are after him, and settle down with Sophie.

4. Does #1 have any special talents/ powers/ abilities?
He is extremely talented at drawing, and (hopefully soon) tattooing.

5. Why is life so good for #10?
He will never be in a life threatening situation.

6. Why does #2's life suck?
Umm....His life is pretty good, considering all the other character's lives. But, he is a Jhen with no control of his powers, and he'll pretty much never see his family and friends again.

7. What is #3 most afraid of?
Something happening to Dalen.

8. If you could have any trait in common with #9, what would it be?
Magical powers! (Though, I would not want mine to suddenly and terribly be in Cosette's control) 

9. Using only three words, describe #6.
Tough, determined, and serious.

10. What would #5's theme song be?
The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

11. Who would you rather "get to know better": #1 or #7?
Oh, this is so hard. Ummmm.... Bathl.

12. Who do you think looks better in pink: #4 or #9?
Dalen; pink always looks good on people with black hair.

13. Who would be a better personal bodygaurd: #2 or #8?
Daniel- yeah dragons!

14. Who would you rather have as a sibling? #5 or #10?

15. Who would you rather trust with your most prized wordly possession: #3 or #6?
Bartholomew is much more careful, so him.
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