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Full name of Character: Jin (full name is unknown)
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: It’s what he started calling himself within the last millennium. He probably gets a new name every thousand years or so.
Nickname: Just Jin, no nicknames.
Reason for nickname: No nickanmes.
Occupation/class: He’s…a vampire. His occupation is feasting upon the blood of the corrupt.
Social class: He defies class.

Physical Appearance
Age: Very, very old.
How old they appear: Around 25.
Eye Color: Dark brown.
Glasses or contacts? No.
Hair color length and style: Long blonde hair, down to the middle of his back. He ties it back so it doesn’t get in the way..
Weight and height: Around six foot. Weight is a stupid question. He’s the weight he should be for that height.
Type of body (build): Skinny, but pure muscle.
Skin tone and type: Since he hasn’t seen the sun in a couple thousand years, he is extremely pale.
Shape of face: Long, but not enough to give him a horse-face.
Distinguishing marks: Lots of scars all over his body, from when he became a vampire.
Predominant feature: ….Hair?
Is s/he healthy? As healthy as a vamp can be.
Do they look healthy? ….As healthy as a vampire can look with extremely pale skin.

Favorite color: Yellow.
Least favorite, why? Black, most likely.
Music: Classical.
Least favorite music, why? Well, if he ever heard it, death metal.
Food: When he was alive, he enjoyed pork very much. Now…all he can consume is blood.
Literature: Anything.
Expressions: A bland sort of look, with a hint of curiousity.
Expletives (curse): He’s not a fan of cursing.
Mode of transport: His legs.

Are they a daredevil or cautious: He goes through spurts of each.
Do they act the same alone as when with someone? Yes.
Habits: Following Dalen and Sophie as much as possible, cracking his knuckles, staying on top of who is most corrupt for him to feast upon.
Drinks: Blood.
How much: Whenever he finds someone new to kill.
Greatest Strength: His common sense.
Greatest Weakness: A constant underlying need to understand everything.
Soft spot: Sophie, children, anyone innocent.
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: Yes, when it comes to Sophie. He constantly declares his allegiance to her, as well as his need to protect her, even when she makes it overtly clear that it is completely unwanted.
If not, how do they hide it: He doesn’t.
Biggest Vulnerability: Considering he is a being created by the gods to utterly destroy anyone who commits any sort of crime, he doesn’t have many vulnerable spots. However, he will risk everything to keep Sophie safe.

Hometown: Atlantis
Type of childhood: Very spoiled, he received all that he wanted. He was an asshole to everyone around him.
First Memory: Washing up on a shore after Atlantis sunk. He remembers nothing of his human life.
Most important child hood event that still effects him/her: He doesn’t remember his childhood.
Why? See above.
Education: He received the best education his parents could buy him. He remembers none of it.
Religion: He has lost all faith in religion; he only knows for sure that there is some sort of deity that expands beyond all the religions he has encountered.
Finances: None.

Mother/Father: Unknown.
Siblings, How many, relationship with each: Unknown.

Most at ease when: He has a full stomach and Sophie is out of danger. He was most at ease when Sophie was with Daniel instead of Dalen.
Most ill at ease when: The two times he ventured into James Forrest.
Priorities: Keeping Sophie safe.
Philosophies: Kill the wicked.
How they feel about themselves: Indifferent.
Why? Jin is what he is, and there is nothing he can do to change it.
If granted one wish what would it be, why? To be human again

Optimist or pessimist? Why? Optimistic for the most part.
Introvert or extrovert? Why? He…is both? He has spent the majority of his life alone, and is fine with that, but when he is with people, he has no trouble bringing his part to the conversation.
Talents: Killing, living.
Extremely skilled at: Not dying.
Extremely unskilled at: Standing in the sun; it burns like a motherfucker.
Good characteristics: He’s very mature.
Character flaws: He feels completely confident in his ability to choose who is wicked and who is not. He is not always right in this, and has actually killed many innocent people over the years.
Mannerisms: Stares blankly.
Peculiarities: He really hates being a vampire, but loves the task that comes along with it.
Biggest regret: Becoming a vampire.
Minor regrets: If there are any, he can’t remember them.
Biggest accomplishment: He doesn’t really accomplish much.
Minor accomplishments: Killing some bad people?
Darkest secret: He has none. If he does, he isn’t even aware of them.
Does anyone know? No.
How did they find out: No.

One word they would use to describe themselves: Talented.
One paragraph of how they would describe themselves: It would probably go very in depth in how he goes and finds those he feasts upon, how this has never failed, and how strong he is; there would probably be something about how they don’t really know much about themselves at all deep down.
What do they consider their best physical characteristic and why: He doesn’t consider himself that way; after all, he has no interest in attracting a mate of any sort, so why would he care about how he looks?
The worst one? Why? Despite all that, he wouldn’t have a ‘worst’ characteristic.
Are they realistic assessments? He’s pretty attractive, despite his disinterest.
If not, why not? No.
How they think others perceive them: Too dangerous, very wise.
What four things would they most like to change about themselves: Being a vampire, being a vampire, being a vampire, not being human.
Why? Because he’d really like to be a human again.
If they were changed would they be the same person, why/why not: No. He would no longer kill whomever he wished, he’d be far more humble about himself (he would not be nearly as strong as he is now).
Would changing of number 1 make them more happy? Why/why not: Yes.
Interaction with other people: Looks down at those who disagree with him; he feels that because he is much older, he is always right.
How do they relate to others: He’s fairly polite most of the time.
How are they perceived by strangers: Powerful, mysterious.
Wife/husband/lover: He’s obsessed with Sophie, but there’s no sexual undertones with it.
What do they dislike most about them: That she’s stupid enough to hang around Dalen.

Immediate: Keeping Sophie safe.
Long term: To somehow become human.
How do they plan to accomplish them: Following her every move, and jumping in to save her when Dalen leads her into trouble. He does not know how to become human (there actually is no way).
How will others be effected by this: Dalen will forever be angry at him, though secretly thankful that someone else out there is helping Sophie.

How do they react in a crisis: Thinking quickly and rationally.
How do they face problems: By solving them.
Kind of problems they usually run into: Anything that attacks Sophie; demons, monsters, rapists, thieves. Thanks to Dalen, she’s practically a magnet for trouble.
How they react to new problems: By solving them.
How they react to change: Indifferently.

Favorite clothing, why: Loose shirt, fitted pants, boots.
Least favorite, why: He doesn’t wear anything he doesn’t like
Jewelry: None.
Where do they live: Wherever Sophie travels to.
Where do they want to live: It doesn’t really matter to him. He’s traveled all over at least two worlds.
Spending habits, why: He has no use for money.
What do they do too much of, why: He never spends any sort of money.
Most prized possession, why: He owns nothing.
People they secretly admire, why: No one. Maybe Oreon, a little.
Person they are most influenced by, why: Sophie.
Most important person in their life before story starts, why: Ummm….Jin. His most important person would be him.
How do they spend the week just before the story starts: What he does every night, silly. Tries to take over the world. Feasts on the blood of the (presumed) wicked.

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